Customer quotes

"I wish all our vendors were so quick!  Thank you."

"Thank you. We will be ordering from you again!!"

"Wow that is A+ service! Thank you Robert."

"I was quite pleased with your friendly, professional, and very helpful service at Red Glare this Spring, so you will certainly be hearing from me again."

"Signed for them today. Thank you, you are THE MAN. It was better than Christmas!"

"Thank you and Robert for handling our order with such professionalism! If we are given the chance, we shall continue doing business with you. Thank you again for your support in rocketry. If it wasn't for you and Robert, we would've had to be DQ'd (disqualified due to no engines)."

"You obviously went the extra mile to make things right with my order and that means a lot to me.  I don't know the last time that I had a vendor contact me by phone, but thank you for the personal attention"

"Great service from you and yours, I'll be back for more."

"Pat: I think Robert DeHate is the best vendor hands down.
Don: Pat aint that fact
Pat: Darn right. I don't even go to any other vendors."

"The order was perfect"

"Great service from you always!"

" I have been extremely pleased with the way you conduct business. You are very considerate. You responded quickly to my questions, shipped my order fast, correctly and your prices and shipping fees were more than fair. I am as you know a first time buyer but I can assure you  I will buy again. Other suppliers could take a lesson from you!"

"I would like just continuation of the good service from you"

"This is perfect. You seemed to be the most reliable source, so we will go through you"

"The Team appreciates this; motors are essential to our teams!"


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