Fiberglass Red FiberMAX™

Colored Fiberglass Rocket kit

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RED FiberMAX™ Kit

The Red FiberMAX™ launches on composite motors, has through the wall fin mounting with black G10 fins for superior strength. Though massive looking, the construction of this kit is not difficult. Building and finish work can easily be accomplished over a few days.
If your looking for a closer to scale look you can buy the honeycomb skins to make the fins thicker.
You may want to add stepped bulkplates for the coupler if you plan to do dual deploy.

Sure to be a collector's item, the FiberMAX™ is just waiting for you!

Specifications and Features: 

  • Length: 37.5 in.
  • Diameter: 4 in.
  • Estimated Weight: 4 lb.
  • RED colored Filament wound fiberglass airframe
  • Black colored Filament wound nose cone with blunt tip
  • Black G10 fins 0.10 in. thick
  • 54mm motor mount
  • Nose cone dual deploy capable with optional kit
  • CP ~ 34" from nose

1 x RED 21" long Filament Wound fiberglass Pre-Slotted Airframe
1 x BLACK Filament wound fiberglass Blunted nosecone
1 x Nosecone coupler
1 x G10 Nosecone couper bulkhead
3 x Black G10 0.1" thick Fins
2 x G10 Centering rings
1 x 54mm Motor Mount

Optional items:
36" TF parachute
36" SA parachute
12 x 12 nomex
1/4" Tubular Kevlar x 6yards
Aeropack retainer
Fly away rail guides
Rail buttons
Stepped Bulkplate
Donut AVBay kit
FiberMAX skins

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