7.5" Phoenix

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One of the ADVANCED SERIES of kits, which include factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction, the Phoenix is one of our largest scale production kits! It uses a central 75mm motor mount tube and fins that attach to the motor mount directly for maximum power flights. This kit is intended for advanced Level 2 flyers as it requires the addition of nose weight and makes a huge addition to your fleet . You can fly it on an J-350 with option MMA-6 motor mount adapter, K-1050 with optional MMA-5 adapter or go for the 75mm motors. The included removable nose weight system allows for a variety of motors to be flown at the field of your choice!!!!

Height: 78.5"
Weight: 17lb
Diameter: 7.5"


Triple slotted airframe, 3 per aft/forward fin
Payload section
CNC Machined plywood 1/4" fins, 3/8" rings
75mm Motor Mount
78" Rip-Stop Nylon Parachute
Tubular Nylon Shock Cord
Recovery hardware
1500 Series Rail Guides
LOC removable nose weight system(pictured above)
Sticker Shock decals available

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