Tracker receiver

100CH Tracker receiver

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This advanced receiver covers two bands with 50 channels in each band.

This gives you flexability to select the transmitter that is perfect for your application

It includes the antenna and carrying case.

Range is over 5 miles on the ground and over 50 miles in the air with the High Power transmitter.


• Frequency coverage: 50 channels in the 222/223 MHz Amateur Radio band plus 50 channels in the legacy 218/219 MHz band (100 total channels)
• Fine tuning: + or - 500Hz from channel center
• Extremely good MDS sensitivity: -150dBm
• IF filtering: 10.7MHz 8 pole NBFM crystal filter, 455kHz 8 pole ceramic filter
• Front end: Dual MOSFET with 6 helical resonators, high side
• injection eliminates interference from television transmitters
• Mode of operation: SSB/CW
• Frequency stability: PLL controlled by .5 PPM TCXO
• Attenuator: 3 step (0dB, -30dB, -60dB)
• Antenna jack: standard BNC female
• Headphone jack: standard 3.5mm monaural
• Loud, great sounding audio for in vehicle use
• Powered by standard, easy to change, 9v alkaline battery
• Housed in a rugged aluminum case
• Supplied with high gain (+5dB), highly directional folding antenna for easy to use one handed operation
• Weight with directional antenna is 31 ounces
• Size: 6.3" x 3.5" x 2.7" without antenna, the directional antenna is 20.25" x 10.5", folded footprint is 11.25" x 4.5"



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