38mm Fiberglass Rapton

38mm Fiberglass Dual Deploy Rapton kit

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Rapton kit

Beautiful Colored Yellow kit requires no paint.
With an industry leading filament wound nosecone.

Thin wall tubing keeps the weight down.

Flies on anything from F through I!

Perfect for that L1 cert!!

Dual deploy ready
Length: 44”
Diameter 38mm
Weight 1 lbs
Motor Mount: 29mm
Fins: 3 - G10

ProLine Rocketry Kit includes:
(1) Black, Thin Wall, Von Karman, Filament wound Fiberglass Nosecone
(1) 38mm Thin Wall and pre-slotted G12 Filament wound Fiberglass Airframe 24 inches long
(1) 38mm Thin Wall G12 Filament wound Fiberglass forward section 12 inches long
(1) 38mm G12 Filament wound Fiberglass coupler 6 inches long
(1) 29mm Motor Mount G12 Filament wound Fiberglass 8 Inches long
(3) Black, G10 Fiberglass 1/16" thick Fins
G10 Black Fiberglass AV bay lids
G10 Black Fiberglass Centering Rings
G10 Black Fiberglass Bulk Plate

Optional items:
18" Topflite parachute
29mm Aeropack retainer
Fly Away Rail Guides
Dual Deploy altimeter
Rotary Switch
9V battery snap

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