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Perfectflite Firefly altimeter

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The FireFly is a tiny, light-weight  altimeter that reports your rocket’s peak altitude & speed through a series of blinks. When used with the optional Field Data Display (coming soon), it also reports time to apogee, total flight time, and descent rate.  The high accuracy, low price, and simple operation make the FireFly ideal for rocketry education programs requiring precise, repeatable data even within the constraints of limited school budgets


Works to 100,000 feet MSL, reports peak altitude and maximum speed after flight.
Unlike many other low cost altimeters, each unit is individually calibrated for superb accuracy, repeatability, and interchangeability.
Highly resistant to false trigger from exposure to sunlight and wind gusts; tested in 100+ MPH winds!
Uses standard 3 volt “CR1025” size lithium button cell (included), battery life of 30+ hours.
Wide operating temperature range of 32F to 158F.
Measures just 1.1"L x 0.68"W x 0.31"H, fits in 18mm (BT20) tube, weighs just 0.12 oz. including battery.
Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure uncompromising reliability.
Backed by full three year warranty.


Power: CR1025/CR927 Lithium Cell (3V)
Current consumption: 300 uA typical
Battery life: 30+ hours (Rayovac CR1025, 65F)
Launch detect: 100' AGL
Maximum altitude: 100,000' MSL
Altitude resolution:1' up to 38,000' MSL, < 2' to 52,000' MSL, < 5' to 72,000' MSL
Analog to Digital Converter: 24 bit Sigma Delta
Calibration accuracy: +/- 0.05% typical
Measurement precision: +/- (0.1% reading + 1 foot) typical
Operational temperature: 0C to 70C (32F to 158F) (battery dependent)
Dimensions: 1.1"L x 0.68"W x 0.31"H
Weight: 0.12 oz. including battery

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