We have solutions to your cooling needs here in Arizona

Having developed systems that cool with only the power of the Sun.

A solar powered Air Contidioning unit is convenient and costs $0 to run.

Applications include:



RV cooling


Many people simply can not store their RV at home.

It could be due to an HOA or not having enough space.
And most storage does not have electrical service to run the built in AC unit.

That is where a solar AC unit comes into play.
It allows you to keep the inside of your RV lower than the ambient outside temperatures.

This helps to protect your investment and all the items you leave inside.

Many people remove food stuffs from their unit but many forget that even tupperware can melt in the summer temperatures.



Sea Container environmental control


These seem like the perfect solution for storage, especially when you have plenty of land on an extended parcel.

But even a line powered AC will need wiring run to it and the utility bills that brings with it.

But a solar AC is the perfect solution for your storage container.
You have plenty of space on the top for solar panels.

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