Single output accelerometer

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You are looking at the only single output accelerometer on the market. It is also the fastest recording with a maximum sample rate of 1000 samples per second!!
We have been selling this for over a decade and its proven in flights over MACH4.

It can be configured to detect motor ignition plus a delay for airstarts and because it's so small you can mount it next to the motor mount where the airstarts are.

You can configure it to detect motor burn out with or without a gap staging delay for two stage flights and again you can put it right were the action is to make install and use a lot easier. In fact you can tell it which burnout to detect if your doing a 3 or 4 stage rocket!!

And of course you can have it detect apogee. This is good as a backup as you can add the delay to ensure they don't both fire at the same time.

This was primarily designed with the EX hobbiest in mind so you can get good burn data at 1000Hz and deployment from the single output at apogee. Also the price point is such that you are not chancing an expensive accelerometer flying an unknown formula.

This is a logging single outout accelerometer.
Pefect for flight testing new motors with it's sample rate that is adjustable up to 1000 samples per second!
It's also great for staging or airstarts with it's single output because you can configure the output to fire on ignition, burnout or apogee with a delay up to 60 seconds.

    • Small size 1in x 2in
    • Light weight
    • Single output event
    • Loud buzzer
    • Records flight data
    • Download cable sold here
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